~ Claudia Jackson's gallbladder surgery on Monday (10/16)
~ Brandy's aunt, Lena Belich, has an upcoming surgery
~ Todd and Mariah Kissel, recovering emotionally from the  Las Vegas tragedy. You can send them a card at 10369 Kalang Street, Las Vegas NV, 89179
~ Sue's brother, David Metheny, who is dealing with severe memory loss.
~ Amy Marshall's health concerns
~ Croyal Stinnett, who is dealing with his health and back pain
~ Jenny's brother in law Andy, who is recovering from surgery
~ Jamie Laistre and Paul Miller, who are recovering from a car accident
~ Janet Sparks' Aunt Pat, who recently lost her husband
~ Brian and Laura with their adoptions
~ Robert Hutchins, as he undergoes treatment for his cancer
~ Our widows and their health and physical needs
​~ Leatrice Swander, 

 Prayer List